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Hot Dog Mafia in Mount Nebo, WV


Hot Dog Mafia - Mount Nebo, WV

Hot dogs are one of the most loved foods in America. Although they do not originate from America, but rather from Germany, they are still enjoyed by Americans all over. At Buns, we serve up premium hot dogs made with 100% real beef to Mount Nebo and the surrounding areas. Our hot dogs are well loved by many due to their delicious taste and fluffy fresh buns.

Hot dogs have become a staple American household food because they are tasty and enjoyable for everyone. Some people like them plain or with just ketchup, and others enjoy them with great toppings such as mustard, onion, and slaw or chilli and cheese. At Buns, we specialize in gourmet hot dogs. Our specialty dogs include the famous Mob Dog, which features Italian meatballs as well as the Bird Dog, made with grilled chicken breast.

At Buns, we take pride in the food we make and the service we provide. Our cooks and servers all have excellent customer service skills and are delighted to serve you as soon as you walk in our door. Located near some of the best white water rafting rivers in West Virginia, come join us for a delicious meal after a fun and tiring day of white water rafting.

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